Many people come to our chiropractic clinic with specific pains and other troubles that need to be addressed. We first treat these problems with chiropractic care and other therapies, but it often takes more than this to keep them from coming back. This is where lifestyle advice comes in. It helps people address habits, postures, and working conditions that can contribute to further pain and injury. By taking care of these root causes of pain, the chance of a permanent resolution to the problem is often greatly increased.

Painful Working Conditions

These are sadly plentiful in workplaces all over the country. People make awkward bends to reach commonly-used items, sit at desks that are the wrong height, sit on chairs that are too small or too hard, and more. Working under such conditions for eight or more hours per day, five or more days per week, causes an accumulation of seemingly-minor physical stresses that add up to major agony.

If we suspect that something you frequently do is contributing to your pain, we will ask you for details of your working conditions. You may be asked to pantomime some of the common actions you do during the day, how your desk or chair are made, and more. This will help us suggest practical changes you can make to reduce this sort of damage to your system.

Unergonomic Practices at Home

Many people perform activities at home that put unnecessary strain on their bodies. For example, you may have something stored on a top cabinet shelf that you actually use every day. This will cause you to reach for it repeatedly, thereby stretching your back into a pose that puts unnecessary strain on your ligaments and muscles. In many cases, you might not even be conscious of how this sort of thing is affecting your body because it’s just “how you do things.” People also tend to be more relaxed about how they go about tasks at home. We will work with you to uncover such activities and suggest better ways to go about them.

Exercise Problems

It doesn’t take long for incorrect exercise procedures to cause agonizing problems. This is because exercise, by design, already pushes your body to perform in ways that are out of its comfort zone. If you use incorrect techniques on top of that, the activity changes from being helpful into a source of pain that can last long after the exercise stops. If you’re into exercise or athletics, we will work with you to improve your form so that these problems no longer happen.

To get advice for making your specific lifestyle healthier, just make an appointment with us here at Krantz Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Skippack, PA. While you’re here, be sure to ask us about our nutritional counseling and corrective exercise programs as well. Combining these services will address many causes of pain and general malaise, and make it even more likely that your pain will stay gone for good.