One of the biggest causes of poor overall health, back pain, and other problems is also one of the most overlooked: poor posture. Bad posture causes harmful changes in the way the body is aligned, and in turn, this puts undue stress on several body systems.

What Makes Poor Posture a Powerful Negative Influence on Health


When you slouch, whether while standing or in a chair, your bent position compresses your intestines and other organs. This makes your digestive system sluggish since it has to force materials through narrower passages than it is meant to. It also interferes with circulation, and this can lead to slower healing in the affected extremities. In extreme scenarios, it can even cause blood clots.

Craning Your Neck Forward and Down

The most well-known result of this is “text neck,” which is caused by spending too much time looking down at your phone or other mobile device. This, however, is just the start. Your entire posture changes whenever you look down like this. According to our chiropractor, Dr. Mike Krantz, the upper body moves backward to compensate for the change in the center of gravity of the head, while the hips move forward to compensate for the upper body shift. This causes pain and other problems in your back as well as your neck and head.

Find Out if You Have Posture Problems

Many people don’t realize exactly how they stand or sit because posture is normally an unconscious, automatic process. One of the best ways to find out is to get our digital posture spinal analysis. This makes it easy to spot postural problems. We then create a treatment plan to correct these issues. The specifics of the plan will depend on your specific case, including your normal daily activities and your physical condition.

Corrective Measures

Common elements of posture-correction plans are corrective exercises to make it easier for you to hold the right posture, adjustments for any spinal misalignments that have developed, massage, and similar treatments. For those with problems related to uneven leg length, orthotics will be suggested as well. You’ll also be taught how to pay more attention to your posture so you don’t slip back into the old, damaging one.

To get your digital posture spinal analysis, just make an appointment with us here at Krantz Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Considering the effect posture has on your overall wellness, it is an excellent investment in your health.