All too often, people stay away from doctors when they’re not in some sort of major physical distress. This can lead to a lifetime of functional, but sub-optimal, bodily condition. We believe that people shouldn’t settle for this state of existence. Instead, it’s better to strive for a condition of wellness at all times. By making your doctor at the Krantz Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center a partner in this goal, you’ll have a much easier time of reaching it.

Chiropractic Adjustments

These do far more than help your back stop hurting. Since the body’s nerves all run through the spine, even minor misalignments can cause you to end up a bit “out of tune.” Adjustments can relieve these problems and thereby improve your general wellness level.

Nutritional Counseling

Even if you’re trim, you can benefit from nutritional counseling. That’s because many people focus more on how many calories are in their food than on the food’s total nutritional profile. This can result in subclinical (and sometimes full-blown) nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. In turn, the imbalances lead to a lack of energy, irritability, an inability to handle normal levels of stress, skin problems, and more.

It’s easy to solve these problems when you have us examine your dietary intake. We’ll spot imbalanced nutrient profiles and give you tips on improving what you eat. We can also provide supplements. Once your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs, in the right proportions, you should start to feel much more energetic and optimistic. You’ll also find that it’s easier to deal with stress.

Exercise Advice

When people are injured, we often have them do corrective exercises to get rid of problems like weakness and limited range of motion. This sort of exercise, however, isn’t just for people who have damaged body parts. As part of a total wellness program, the right exercises are used to promote good balance, overall strength, and endurance. These benefits make it easier to handle the activities of day-to-day living without becoming overly tired. They also make it less likely that you’ll strain or sprain something when you need to make motions that are out of the ordinary.

Lifestyle Advice

Here, “lifestyle advice” is typically geared towards helping you prevent injury to yourself. Many people go about physical activities in ways that cause undue strain to various body parts. While this can lead to injury over time, it is even more common for you to simply feel less good than you should. For example, you may move a bit stiffly or find that you can’t reach everything that you should be able to. We work with you to determine if there is anything you’re doing that could be resulting in these effects. Then, we make suggestions for correcting it. Once you implement the changes, you’ll find that you experience far fewer “mystery” pains.

To get started on a total wellness plan, just contact us here at the Krantz Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center. New patients get a consultation exam and digital posture screening for just $25!